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The Lost Coast Luau

Roozbeh Chubak 

The May ride will be a three-day ride up to Eureka

Some details

Friday May 4th

We will meet and depart at 830 sharp at/from Shell gas station in Suisan Valley Road (Fairfield) exit of I-80.  We take Suisan Valley Rd to Wooden Valley Rd to Hwy 121 to Hwy 128 East to Winters (GAS). Take I-505 North for about 10 miles to Esparto Exit.  Take Hwy 16 all the way to Hwy 20 East. Depending on whether the bridge is still out at Leesville we will take either Leesville-Logoda Rd or I-5 and Maxwell Site Rd to Logoda, Stonyford (Gas optional), Chrome, Newvill, Corning and Red Bluff (GAS).

Lunch will be at a restaurant now called The Ranch House in Red Bluff. (It seems to change its name every year!)

(Direction to The Ranch House When you get to Red Bluff, take Rt 36 WEST through Red Bluff. Pass through town. On the outskirts, when you get to railroad tracks, instead of crossing, turn around and back-track about 1/4 mile. The restaurant will be on your right hand side as you are returning.   It has a very large parking lot.

Friday Night Lodgings

We have arrangements for group rates at the Best Western Humboldt Bay Inn (formerly known as the Thunderbird) in Eureka.

232 W. 5th Street
Eureka, CA 95501

- They have set aside a number of rooms for us (@ $62). Each room has two beds. They have blocked off Friday (5/4), Saturday and Sunday even though they know we may stay only one or two nights.

- This is IMPORTANT You need to make your own reservations there (along with dates of arrival/ departure). Make sure you mention the magic phrase "Lost Coast Luau" to get the group rate. (Mentioning "Northstars" will _not_ result in the desired outcome. We are getting the group rates as well as a very nice and free meeting room thrown in since another motorcycle club with which I am affiliated -- The Village Idiots motorcycle club -- will also be staying there at the same time as Northstars. We are all simply attendees at "Lost Coast Luau." Any mention of "Village Idiots" may get us tossed out before we even get there because of some past history) Call them at 1-800-521-6996 or 707-443-2234 to make your rezzies.

- Reservations were taken by Chris, the Manager. Heavenly Sara no longer works here; I like to think there is no association between the Village Idiots' behavior last year and Sara's departure.

- I will be happy to act as a clearing house bringing individuals who are looking for room-mates together. (I won't be acting as matchmaker; I'll just be forwarding two email addresses to two individuals who are looking for someone to share a room with.)

Nothing planned for dinner. We will be on our own.


Saturday (5/5) Rides

There will be two alternate rides planned for Saturday A short one and a longer one

The Short Ride

From Eureka (GAS) on 101 to Ferndale. Onto Mattolle Road thru Capetown to THE LOST COAST (!) to Honeydew. At Honeydew the GS riders can take the 31 mile dirt road to Garberville (GAS)rest can continue on the bumpy (but generally paved) Mattole Road to Avenue of the Giants and Garberville for lunch. After lunch we can take Alderpoint Rd to Bridgeville (on hwy 36) and then back to Eureka.

The Longer Ride

From Eureka North to Arcada. Hwy 299 East to Willow Creek (Gas optional) to Hwy 96 North to Happy Camp (GAS) continue to Yreka. Hwy 3 South to Fort Jones and Etna (GAS). Continue on Hwy 3 to Callahan. Take Cecilville Rd to Cecilville, Forks of Salmon, Soames Bar. Hwy 96 South to Willow Creek. Back to Eureka.

Saturday Night

We have the upstairs room reserved for dinner at 700 at the Lost Coast Brewery http// This will be open to both the Northstars and the Village Idiots.

Sunday Ride Home

Some options

1- Hwy 299 to I-5 South. Get off at Corning and basically take the same route as we took on the way up.

2- Hwy 101 South to Leggett. Then Hwy 1, etc.

3- Hwy 101 to Ferndale and then Mattole Rd thru Petrolia and Honeydee back to Hwy 101 and points south.

Any questions?


Ride Flunky

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Last update; April 10, 2001

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