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Schedule of Events
S. F. Northstars M. C.

Jan. 10 2001 Ride Planning Meeting, 7:00 PM
Jan. 20 2001 Club Dinner, 6:00 PM, New Pisa Restaurant
Jan. 21 (DIRT) Invited Dirt-Track Play Day!
Jan. 27 (DIRT) Little Stone (Digger Pine) Day Ride
Jan. 28 The Two-Mountain Ride on SuperBowl Sunday!
Feb. 16-19,
(DIRT) Mojave Desert (California City) Ride & Camping - See this page for directions & maps.
Feb. 25,
South Bay & Peninsula Day Ride
Ride Leader: Steve Schurman
We will meet at the McDonald's restaurant on Cochrane Rd, 2 blocks west of Hwy 101 in Morgan Hill. Gourmands may eat there at whatever time they like, but the ride will depart at 9:00am sharp.

The route is as follows:
101 south to Hwy 25
Hwy 25 south to Hollister (gas stop)
Hwy 25 south to Lonoak Rd
Lonoak Rd west to G15 (Metz Rd)
G15 north to Elm Ave
Elm Ave west through Greenfield to Arroyo Seco Rd
Arroyo Seco Rd/Carmel Valley Rd north to Carmel Valley (gas stop)
Carmel Valley Rd north to Laureles Grade Rd
Laureles Grade Rd north to Hwy 68
Hwy 68 west to Hwy 1
Hwy 1 north to Hwy 9
Hwy 9 north to Felton (gas stop)
Hwy 9 north to Skyline Blvd (Hwy 35)
Skyline north to Alice's (end of ride)

The ride will be dry-only. If (on Sunday morning) it looks like we'll have a day with little or no rain, the ride is on. Otherwise, the ride will be postponed to Sunday, March 25.  If the weather is borderline, please call me at home at (415)543-6938 to confirm.
Steve Schurman

Feb. 28,
Club Meeting at the S. F. Brewing Co.
March 4,
(DIRT) Invited Dirt-Track Ride & BBQ!
Steve Hursh & Barry Olsen have teamed up for another great day of dirt-trackin' at Barry's place outside of Oakdale.  See this map.  Just the best 1/4-mile oval & long TT course you will find anywhere!

"I have confirmed the date and time to Sunday, March 4th at 10:00AM at Barry Olsen's house in the Oakdale area.  . . .   Please email me <> and let me know in advance if you are going.  I need a head count for food purposes.  I will bring my gas grill and a crock pot full of chili.  If anyone would like to bring a salad and are wanting to have hamburgers like last time, please let me know.  This is a wonderful opportunity to ride one of the best tracks and enjoy great food and company.  I hope all you dirt guys and gals will attend."
Steve Hursh - Dirt Steward

March 11,
North Bay Day Ride
Ride Leader: Patrick Moriarty

Meet at 9AM at Tam Junction Arco station in Mill Valley, Marin County (same location as Sunday Morning Ride).  Leave 9:15AM to ride to breakfast in Occidental.  The ride will end at G&B Kawasaki-Yamaha in Petaluma to view the Daytona 200!  See Rob Brown's invitation below . . .

"Please join the staff of G&B Kawasaki-Yamaha on Sunday March 11th for the 60th running of the Daytona 200.  We're turning the showroom into a lounge for the day.  We've got TV's, plenty of refreshments, door prizes and high quality bench racing. We may even dump a little race gas in the ol' R1 and just leave her running in showroom so it even smells like we're trackside! The Preview - Qualifying show begins at 1:30pm with Race coverage beginning at 2:30pm.  Our address is 326 Petaluma Blvd N. just 35 miles North of the San Francisco in beautiful downtown Petaluma (no wrist-wrestling please).

This is an open invitation to any and all. No formal RSVP stuff necessary but I am trying to get an approximate head count so no one goes hungry.  Hope to see you there - RPB

PS - We don't got no stinking Booze license but feel free to BYOB. I'll provide the ice and the "No Snivelers" stick to keep the beer weasels at bay."

Mar. 17-19,
(DIRT) Little Stone (Digger Pine) Dirt Ride & Camping - The campground & staging area is labeled Digger Pine on this MAP.  Its on Goat Mountain Rd.  Where & when?  I-80 East to I-505 North, to I-5 North.  Take the Maxwell exit & go west following signs towards Stonyford as usual.  BUT, after you climb the hill out of Lodoga & cross the long straightaway, the road curves to the right as it goes downhill.  This dirt road is on the left just after the right curve.
CAUTION:  This dirt road is posted CLOSED during & after heavy rains as the lower part is almost pure clay & NOT passable without 4-wheel drive.  If the forecast looks real wet, Fout Springs will be the alternate meeting place.
March 28,
Club Meeting at the S. F. Brewing Co.
April 6-8,
Death Valley Ride
Ride Leader: Matt Brockway
April ??, (DIRT) ? ? OPEN DATE ? ?
April 25,
Club Meeting at the S. F. Brewing Co.
May 4-6,
Eureka "Lost Coast Luau"
Ride Leader: Roozbeh Chubak 
May 20,
Day Ride
Ride Leader: Lisa Brazieal
May 26-28,
(DIRT) Open 3-Day Ride & Camping (Memorial-Day weekend)
May 30,
Club Meeting at the S. F. Brewing Co.
June 9-10,
Dardanelle Sierra Ride
Ride Leader: Earl Minkler
June ?? Open Dirt Ride ?
June 27,
Club Meeting at the S. F. Brewing Co.
July 21-22,
2-Day "Kings Canyon" Ride
Ride Leader: Steve Schurman
July 25,
Club Meeting at the S. F. Brewing Co.
August 25-26,
Minden, Nv. - Sierra Ride
Ride Leader: Gretchen Hoffman
August 29,
Club Meeting at the S. F. Brewing Co.
  More to come . . .

Last update; March 08, 2001

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